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Signs Of Bipolar In Teenagers

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As a parent, it is typical to have to navigate your child’s emotional ups and downs. Teenage angst is often the norm and is to be expected. But sometimes, significant shifts in your child’s or teen’s mood are a sign that there is more going on. Perhaps you are curious if they have Bipolar Disorder.  If so, this article will explore what Bipolar Disorder is, how it shows up, and how to move forward with treatment and resources. What Exactly is Bipolar Disorder?  Bipolar is a mood disorder that affects both adults and children, most commonly showing up in early adulthood. The National Institute of Mental Health states that the key symptoms that these individuals usually experience episodes of Mania. Mania can be explained as a period of intense energy, happiness, or activity. These manic episodes are often compounded by depressive mood periods, where mood and energy levels are extremely low. While the exact causes are unknown, the NIMH states …


How To Handle Conflict In The Workplace

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Conflict is an inevitable part of life and business. This discussion will explore the concept of and types of workplace conflict, as well as strategies that can be used to help reduce the associated stress and hopefully achieve productive outcomes. Managing Conflict in the Workplace Calgary psychologists will tell you conflict can be healthy when there is a challenge to push past boundaries and expand our ways of thinking and navigating work. Diversity in the workplace is an extremely powerful tool as it can lead to greater creativity and innovation, expanded ways of thinking about others, and meaningful organizational change. Imagine if we all thought the same, there would be so much less creativity and innovation in our work.  The problem with conflict is the emotional reaction that is elicited. When we feel emotionally triggered, stressed, and passionate, it can be difficult to behave in constructive and productive ways that align with our best intentions. This emotional stress can lead …

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Give Your Child the Skills to Succeed with Regular Counselling

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It’s no secret that our kids are under a lot of stress and pressure to excel at school, home, and in extracurricular activities. While some children can manage competing priorities well, others struggle with these demands and expectations.  Regular child counselling with a psychologist in Calgary can help your child develop the coping skills they need. In doing so, they can manage the stress and challenges they’re facing. This type of investment in your child’s mental health can also go a long way towards putting your mind at ease. The Pressure to Succeed is Everywhere Regardless of how old they are, we tell our kids that their ability to succeed is of the utmost importance. These messages could be in the form of feedback coming from well-intentioned teachers and classmates, or in directions from a favorite coach on the soccer field. Though what success looks like will vary in each situation, the consistent message is that it is crucial. As …

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Take Your Relationship from Good to Great with Couples Counselling

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It can be easy to dismiss any need for couples counselling when your relationship is going well. Some might even say, “If it isn’t broken, don’t try and fix it.” While this wisdom may ring true for some, there is no reason to wait for something to be wrong in your relationship before you experience the benefits of regular couples counselling in Calgary. Good relationships take commitment from both partners and an equal investment of time and energy. By attending couples therapy when there isn’t a significant issue to be addressed, you can reap the benefits of working with a Psychologist or Clinical Marriage and Family Therapist without added emotional strain. Regular couples counselling can take your relationship from good to great by enhancing communication, improving your sex life and developing a deeper appreciation for your partner. How Couples Counselling Can Improve Your Relationship  Great Relationships Need Strong Communication The key to a great relationship is strong communication between partners. …

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How EMDR Therapy Can Help You Heal from Past Trauma

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You may have heard of EMDR therapy somewhere online, in passing a conversation on the street, or from a friend. In recent years this form of psychotherapy has moved into the mainstream as an effective tool psychologists in Calgary and other trained providers have at their disposal for helping to heal past trauma. There is more and more attention being paid to previous trauma and its impact on our everyday mood and emotions. Over the last few years, there have been scientific studies published that show a direct link between traumatic events and brain development in children. In adults, traumatic events can have a long term lasting impact on the ability to cope with everyday life.  Healing from previous trauma is a difficult process, but with EMDR therapy it’s possible to regain a sense of peace and control in your life. What is EMDR Therapy? EMDR stands for Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing and it’s a powerful tool for helping …

How Psychologists Can Be Part of Your Self-Care Plan

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It can be hard to balance the demands of daily life and take care of your own health at the same time. We tend to focus on the needs of others, whether it’s our kids, partners, other family, and friends, well before our own. Between responsibilities at work and at home, and the constant push to get more done, you can be left feeling drained and overwhelmed. You can help address this by prioritizing your health, including your mental health, and psychologist services can be an important part of a larger self-care plan. Self-care is a term used to describe activities that we do to promote and nurture our health. These can be things like getting enough sleep, eating a balanced diet, exercise, regular relaxation, managing stress – and seeing a psychologist on a regular basis. Establishing an effective self-care plan that includes regular visits to a psychologist in Calgary, gives you the chance to build a trusting relationship with …