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Give Your Child the Skills to Succeed with Regular Counselling

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It’s no secret that our kids are under a lot of stress and pressure to excel at school, home, and in extracurricular activities. While some children can manage competing priorities well, others struggle with these demands and expectations. 

Regular child counselling with a psychologist in Calgary can help your child develop the coping skills they need. In doing so, they can manage the stress and challenges they’re facing. This type of investment in your child’s mental health can also go a long way towards putting your mind at ease.

The Pressure to Succeed is Everywhere

Regardless of how old they are, we tell our kids that their ability to succeed is of the utmost importance. These messages could be in the form of feedback coming from well-intentioned teachers and classmates, or in directions from a favorite coach on the soccer field. Though what success looks like will vary in each situation, the consistent message is that it is crucial.

As parents, we also send messages to our children about our expectations, whether we’re aware of it or not. We may tell our kids directly that we expect them to get straight As in all their classes, or that they finish first at their hockey camp trials. Our feedback can also be less direct and may show frustration, anger, and irritability when addressing their performance at a particular task or activity.

Some children manage these conditions well and benefit from knowing exactly how they’ll be evaluated and what to expect when they get feedback. Others struggle with the pressure these situations create and find themselves overwhelmed and unable to cope.

There is no right or wrong way to respond, and all children can benefit from an environment where there is less emphasis on the outcome of their effort. If we’re mindful of our expectations as parents, we can help turn off some of the pressure our kids are regularly facing.

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Give Your Child the Skills They Need to Thrive

If we can create a supportive environment at home, our kids have a better chance to respond well to the stress and adversity they may experience elsewhere. In some situations, it’s also necessary to offer your child additional resources to help them build the coping skills they need to succeed.

For example, child counselling in Calgary with a therapist or psychologist who has specific training to work with children and youth is one option to consider.

Child counsellors work one-on-one with children and youth and may also include family members in treatment plans. Depending on why you’re seeing a counsellor, the type of therapy offered will vary and be unique to the needs of your child.

If you’re looking to support your child with their ability to cope with pressure at school, they may work with their counsellor to develop skills in mindfulness or meditation. Therapeutic techniques include Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), which seeks to challenge unhelpful thought patterns, Emotion-Focused Therapy (EFT), which focuses on emotions and the way we deal with them, or Interpersonal Therapy (IPT), that can help with relationships and transitions.

Regular Child Counselling Can Prevent Problems

While attending child counselling in Calgary when there is a problem that needs to address is straightforward, there are also significant benefits to making regular counselling part of your routine.

Everyone can benefit from having a safe space with a trusted counsellor to talk about their feelings, thoughts, and emotions. By providing your child with ongoing access to a trained professional, they can work together to identify potential problems before they start. In building a relationship with a counsellor before they’re in a crisis, your child benefits from knowing they have another trusted adult they can talk with.

Having this relationship can help save time and make other therapeutic interventions more successful when they’re needed. Your child also benefits from building skills that can help them not only at school but in all areas of their life. 

They can talk through problems in their relationships, understand their own emotions better, and learn how to manage stress effectively. Regular child counselling is an investment in the short and long term mental health of your child. Importantly, your whole family can benefit from the peace of mind it provides.

The pressure to succeed is everywhere, and our kids are not immune to it. By creating a supportive home environment where regular visits to a child counsellor are part of your routine, you help promote positive mental health for your family. 

Access to a trained psychologist in Calgary can help prevent problems before they start and can help your child build the coping mechanisms they need to meet the challenges that may come their way.

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