You Don’t Need To Be Thin To Have An Eating Disorder

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By Kara Alan, Registered Provisional Psychologist A recent article published by CBC News discussed the narrow way that eating disorders are portrayed and conceptualized. I did a happy dance in my living room after browsing the first few lines of the article because yes, yes, and yes. This is such an important topic, and while I can’t say that it is timely (this isn’t a new thing), any attention it gains in the press is positive.  The idea that individuals with eating disorders are always underweight is a myth that needs to be upended. Of course, there are individuals who fall into this category and also have an eating disorder, however, there are many more individuals who have a body that is considered typical and who still live with the daily mental and emotional torture of body dysmorphia, obsessive calorie counting, ruminating food thoughts, and a lack of connection to their body. Their lives may have been taken over by …

ADHD In Girls And Women

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Written by Caroline LaPierre ADHD has long been thought of as something that impacts young boys.  On TV or in movies, we are often shown boys running around, causing trouble.  This is still what many think of when they hear ADHD.  However, this could not be further from the truth.  I frequently have women come into the office wanting to know “what’s wrong with me?”  I promise you the answer is nothing!  Women have long been stigmatized when it comes to mental health.  Many women have been struggling for years with anxiety, depression or just a sense of being generally unsettled.  Some have been taking medications to help alleviate symptoms.  However, little progress is made and shame, frustration, and self-doubt remain high.   So how do you know you may be struggling with ADHD.  In women, I often hear concerns of procrastination.  Starting a task seems impossible.  Yet on the flip side, many projects are left unfinished.  Some even buy everything …

Healing With the Electro-Equiscope

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Written by Erica Andries  Have you or someone you know experienced an injury, undergone surgery, has a chronic illness, and experiences pain or inflammation that just does seem to go away? The Electro-Equiscope uses a technology that offers a unique and advanced approach to healing the body at a cellular level. Using a minute electric current (microcurrent), electricity is directed into the body using probes, plates, and other various attachments.  Typically, when people think of electric therapies, they think of an invasive treatment that can be uncomfortable. One of the amazing things about the Equsicope is that it is noninvasive and virtually pain-free. A lot of the time the client cannot even feel the current.  What is the Electro- Equiscope used for? The better question is, what is it not?!  This device has a diverse approach to aid in the healing of a wide variety of conditions, ailments, and illnesses. Working with the body’s brain and nervous system, the results …

Mindfulness Meditation & Emotional Elevation

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Written by Erica Andries  Meditation is a state of consciousness in which you are bringing your attention to only one thing. Typically, this mindfulness comes from taking deep breaths, removing distractions, and being present. So often I hear “I need to start meditating, but I’m not good at it”.   When we think of meditation, we tend to visualize someone sitting cross-legged, palms facing the sky, with their eyes closed.   Have you ever been out in nature, stopped to take in your surroundings and thought, wow, this is so peaceful? Have you ever been so into a song that you sing every lyric and feel every word? Or have you sat at home with your pet, reading your favorite book, basking in each other’s company? If you have done one of these things, you have successfully meditated! Remember, meditation is a state of being and can be altered to whatever works best for you. These are not the only examples of …

Dealing With Your Shame

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Whenever my clients discover that I was previously a family physician before becoming a therapist, they would always ask why I switched careers. The answer is typically complicated, but I usually simplify it by saying that I am drawn to human connection. I have a deep curiosity for it. There is so much research to show that we are wired for it. Several psychological theories and recent research have shown that not only are we wired for connection, but it also affects our health. Being and feeling connected have been shown to have positive effects on our blood sugar levels, cancer recovery, cardiovascular challenges, depressive symptoms, and overall mental health. On the other hand, Isolation has been shown to worsen the symptoms of depression and increase anxiety. As a therapist, I typically encourage my clients to increase their social connections as it is a proven way to improve our mental health. Given that the benefits of connection are apparent, why …

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Using Your Best Voice

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Using Your Best Voice By Anna Kommes Your voice is one of your main ways of connecting to those around you.  It’s a powerful tool that you use throughout your life, with many different people in many different places. The human voice can convey up to 24 different emotions (1) and may reveal more information about emotions compared with facial expressions (2). You may not think very much about your own vocal health since we can take our ability to use our voice the way we want to for granted.  It may not be until you deal with laryngitis (3), muscle tension dysphonia (4) or polyps, nodules, or cysts on the vocal cords (or vocal folds) (5) that you realize how much your ability to use your best voice affects your life.  Here are some things you can think about to maintain your best voice. Change the alignment of your body. In today’s world, we tend to use a forward …

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How To Awaken Your Innate Ability To Connect And Maintain Healthy Relationships

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By Rocio Maria Toledo, MC R.Psych As human beings, we are social creatures. Not only does connection give us a sense of aliveness, but we are biologically wired to connect. Next time you are sitting in front of a person you sympathise with, listening to what they have to say, check both of your body postures and facial expressions, they will probably look incredibly similar. This is your biology naturally connecting without you even trying. We are born ready to securely attach to our main caregivers, to love them and be loved. As a species, we thrive in cooperation with others, regardless of how independent you might be or how much you might appreciate your alone time.  Given that we are inherently social beings, relationships are an important part of our life. Maintaining healthy relationships can be difficult. They take effort, intention, time, self-awareness and so much more.  Have you ever been in a relationship with someone you deeply cared …

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Signs Of Bipolar In Teenagers

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As a parent, it is typical to have to navigate your child’s emotional ups and downs. Teenage angst is often the norm and is to be expected. But sometimes, significant shifts in your child’s or teen’s mood are a sign that there is more going on. Perhaps you are curious if they have Bipolar Disorder.  If so, this article will explore what Bipolar Disorder is, how it shows up, and how to move forward with treatment and resources. What Exactly is Bipolar Disorder?  Bipolar is a mood disorder that affects both adults and children, most commonly showing up in early adulthood. The National Institute of Mental Health states that the key symptoms that these individuals usually experience episodes of Mania. Mania can be explained as a period of intense energy, happiness, or activity. These manic episodes are often compounded by depressive mood periods, where mood and energy levels are extremely low. While the exact causes are unknown, the NIMH states …


How To Handle Conflict In The Workplace

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Conflict is an inevitable part of life and business. This discussion will explore the concept of and types of workplace conflict, as well as strategies that can be used to help reduce the associated stress and hopefully achieve productive outcomes. Managing Conflict in the Workplace Calgary psychologists will tell you conflict can be healthy when there is a challenge to push past boundaries and expand our ways of thinking and navigating work. Diversity in the workplace is an extremely powerful tool as it can lead to greater creativity and innovation, expanded ways of thinking about others, and meaningful organizational change. Imagine if we all thought the same, there would be so much less creativity and innovation in our work.  The problem with conflict is the emotional reaction that is elicited. When we feel emotionally triggered, stressed, and passionate, it can be difficult to behave in constructive and productive ways that align with our best intentions. This emotional stress can lead …


Is Couples Counselling Worth It?

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Modern relationships are often motivated by love, companionship, and compatibility. There’s often significant pressure to find your perfect partner so that you can have the perfect relationship, and for some, a perfect family. It can be a lot of pressure.  Here’s the truth, perfection is not real. When you found someone you want to commit to, there will inevitably be challenges. These challenges may stem from: Differences between you and your partner regarding values, relationship expectations, past experiences and triggers, physical or mental ability, culture, sexuality etc. Influences from other environments and people: employment, children and extended family, other partners, cultural groups etc. Significant life changes: financial stress, medical news, significant economic/social/political events etc. While many relationship challenges are often managed naturally, marriage and couples counselling can be an excellent resource when creating and maintaining a healthy and loving relationship. Even the healthiest and deepest relationships must conquer life’s obstacles. Regardless of your ideal or current relationship, therapy can allow …