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Work Through Your Anxiety With Therapy

 We are here to help you through these trying times. Our caring counsellors will listen to you and through therapy provide you with effective tools to help cope with your anxiety. Don't let your anxiety control your actions.

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Your Anxiety Doesn’t Have To Define You

Is your anxiety becoming a problem? Typically, anxiety is a normal part of the human experience as we use it to weigh our options and make decisions. However, sometimes stress can get out of control, and it can begin to have a detrimental effect on your life. Overeating, depression, antisocial behaviours and panic attacks can all indicate a negative change in your normal thought processes. During these times, anxiety counselling in Calgary can be a useful tool for supporting healthier outcomes in your life. The counsellors at Supporting Wellness are here to help you learn effective coping strategies and long-lasting strategies for improvement.

Let Us Help You Handle Your Anxiety Through Therapy

We are here to help you, just give us a call or send an email and we will be happy to answer your questions or book your therapy session.

Effective Anxiety Therapy Starts Here

Our psychologists and therapists use several methods to help you move through and understand your anxiety. Our experiences with Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), Solution-Focused Therapy and Narrative Therapy inform our care approach and give us several opportunities to encourage your growth and personal understanding. However, as providers of Calgary counselling services, we recognize that the path may have complications and setbacks, which means that we offer further treatment modes based on your needs, including group therapy and stress management. Ultimately, our anxiety therapy is here to support you through mutual understanding and collaboration.


Other Counselling Services We Offer

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Benefits Of Supporting Wellness

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Safe & Welcoming Environment

Our office is comfortable and inviting for clients of all ages with a modern, open, and friendly atmosphere. We do our best to ensure you feel completely safe and comfortable when you come for your appointment, whether with a family member or on your own.
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Family Oriented Practice

We cater to families with multiple concerns. We are knowledgeable about marriage and family counselling, couples therapy, and child therapy. We are dedicated to maintaining an environment that is safe, comfortable and inviting to families.
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We Listen & Give Feedback

We engage an interactive method to our therapy and counselling sessions. We listen intently, respond appropriately, provide relevant feedback, and often offer suggestions of additional activities and reading material to supplement our sessions.
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Specialized Care

We are specialized psychologists, not general counsellors. When you need speech therapy, DMT therapy or EMDR, you can have confidence in the training and experience of the professional providing your care.
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No Referral Necessary

We do not require a referral from your family physician; seeking care from one of our trained psychologists is the first step to better mental and emotional health, and we want you to have easy access to the care you need.
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Free Consultation

We offer a free over-the-phone consult. Give us a call if you need to talk, and we can pair you with the therapist in our office with the appropriate training and experience to help you through your challenges.

Anxiety Therapy FAQ

Our hope for your Calgary anxiety counseling is a fulfilled life without unnecessary stress. The feelings of anxiety are difficult and frustrating, but learning how to identify, accept and change them can lead to lifelong rewards. In particular, the satisfaction of enduring relationships with your loved ones, or building new and impactful ones, is a truly realizable goal for many coping with severe anxiety. At Supporting Wellness, we believe in helping and strengthening our clients, and it is through our accomplishments that we are empowered to continue forward.

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Step 1: Over the Phone Consult

Give us a call for an over-the-phone consultation. Booking an anxiety therapy session requires no referral. We look forward to getting to know you and helping you access the care you need.

Step 2: Pair With a Specialist

Once we’ve spoken on the phone, we’ll be able to assess your concerns and pair you with a psychologist in our office who is best suited for your situation. We want you to receive relevant and relatable support. We have locations in both Calgary and Coldlake.

Step 3: Come in to Talk

We look forward to having you come in for your first session; our goal is to make you feel welcome and comfortable. You will sit down with a registered psychologist who has specialized knowledge of your area of concern.

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