Change Is Possible

About Us

Supporting Wellness Psychological and Family Services promotes wellness in many forms. Our mission statement is: Change is possible. We are dedicated to helping you find the best way to cope with life's challenges.

We Believe Change Is Possible

Individual, Marriage, Child & Adolescent, and Family therapy are offered through several treatment modalities. Our belief is that therapy should be recognized as a form of prevention and healing. We want to encourage and support those who want to change their lives. Addressing one’s hardships, and finding solutions is empowering.

Occupational and Speech Therapy offer a specialized service through assessment and treatment. Occupational therapy addresses areas such as sensory regulation, assessment of child and adult ADHD, and ADHD Coaching. Speech Therapy addresses language and articulation assessment.

Educational support is offered through our psycho-educational assessments. The assessments address learning disabilities, emotional regulation, behavioral understanding, and giftedness. Our approach is to support both the family and the school by working together to understand the results and recommendations needed going forward.

Supporting Wellness Psychological and Family Services works hard to educate the general public by offering many workshops on various topics of importance. The workshops are offered in different settings such as classrooms, schools, and webinars. Many professionals who are specialized in their field facilitate these workshops. Topics such as: depression, anxiety in children, understanding children and ADHD, Teens and Risky Behaviour, Mindfulness, and many more are offered throughout the year.

Our wellness centre is a unique addition to the therapeutic milieu. Our massage therapists offer therapy in the form of relaxation to the mind and body. Allowing oneself to relax is a wonderful way to nurture support and create wellness.

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