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When Should I Take My Child To Counselling In Calgary?

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For a lot of parents, taking their child to a therapist or psychologist in Calgary might seem drastic. Children acting out now and then maybe seen as ‘normal’, and most parents will say that the child will grow out of it. Sometimes this is good advice. Sometimes it’s not. When children have emotional or behavioral problems, the earlier they get support and treatment, the better control they will have in the future. The trick is to notice the clear patterns that showcase that your child might have emotional and behavioural issues. Noticing the following patterns are a clear sign that your child might need counselling.  Signs To Take Your Child To A Child Counselling In Calgary  Violently Acting Out There is acting out, and there is acting out violently. While children and growing teens can explode in anger at times, when it becomes consistent and violent, it is a cause for concern. The disruptive, explosive or dangerous behavior can be …

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Give Your Child the Skills to Succeed with Regular Counselling

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It’s no secret that our kids are under a lot of stress and pressure to excel at school, home, and in extracurricular activities. While some children can manage competing priorities well, others struggle with these demands and expectations.  Regular child counselling with a psychologist in Calgary can help your child develop the coping skills they need. In doing so, they can manage the stress and challenges they’re facing. This type of investment in your child’s mental health can also go a long way towards putting your mind at ease. The Pressure to Succeed is Everywhere Regardless of how old they are, we tell our kids that their ability to succeed is of the utmost importance. These messages could be in the form of feedback coming from well-intentioned teachers and classmates, or in directions from a favorite coach on the soccer field. Though what success looks like will vary in each situation, the consistent message is that it is crucial. As …