Is Couples Counselling Worth It?

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Modern relationships are often motivated by love, companionship, and compatibility. There’s often significant pressure to find your perfect partner so that you can have the perfect relationship, and for some, a perfect family. It can be a lot of pressure.  Here’s the truth, perfection is not real. When you found someone you want to commit to, there will inevitably be challenges. These challenges may stem from: Differences between you and your partner regarding values, relationship expectations, past experiences and triggers, physical or mental ability, culture, sexuality etc. Influences from other environments and people: employment, children and extended family, other partners, cultural groups etc. Significant life changes: financial stress, medical news, significant economic/social/political events etc. While many relationship challenges are often managed naturally, marriage and couples counselling can be an excellent resource when creating and maintaining a healthy and loving relationship. Even the healthiest and deepest relationships must conquer life’s obstacles. Regardless of your ideal or current relationship, therapy can allow …


Can You Find Positivity During COVID-19? Absolutely!

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The word positivity is not a word one would think aligns with COVID-19.  The question is, WHY NOT?  In a moment of individuals losing their jobs, stock market volatility, children home from school, sickness and death, and last but not least, being quarantined, positivity does not seem like it should be the word of choice.  Let’s challenge this thinking for a minute. Thinking Positive During Covid-19 Losing jobs and having massive layoffs is truly difficult to manage.  It affects lives, families, and financial welfare. When we think about it, however, human beings have lost their jobs for years, recessions have caused massive layoffs, but yet…we survive. We recover. Human beings are resilient, and during such times of stress and fear, we still move forward.   Stock market volatility is simply said “A GIVEN”.  It’s up, its down, and even when the economy fell apart in 2008, being labelled the largest point drop in history. Guess what… it regained its strength, and …

Child Counseling

When Should I Take My Child To Counselling In Calgary?

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For a lot of parents, taking their child to a therapist or psychologist in Calgary might seem drastic. Children acting out now and then maybe seen as ‘normal’, and most parents will say that the child will grow out of it. Sometimes this is good advice. Sometimes it’s not. When children have emotional or behavioral problems, the earlier they get support and treatment, the better control they will have in the future. The trick is to notice the clear patterns that showcase that your child might have emotional and behavioural issues. Noticing the following patterns are a clear sign that your child might need counselling.  Signs To Take Your Child To A Child Counselling In Calgary  Violently Acting Out There is acting out, and there is acting out violently. While children and growing teens can explode in anger at times, when it becomes consistent and violent, it is a cause for concern. The disruptive, explosive or dangerous behavior can be …