Can You Find Positivity During COVID-19? Absolutely!

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The word positivity is not a word one would think aligns with COVID-19.  The question is, WHY NOT?  In a moment of individuals losing their jobs, stock market volatility, children home from school, sickness and death, and last but not least, being quarantined, positivity does not seem like it should be the word of choice.  Let’s challenge this thinking for a minute.

Thinking Positive During Covid-19

Losing jobs and having massive layoffs is truly difficult to manage.  It affects lives, families, and financial welfare. When we think about it, however, human beings have lost their jobs for years, recessions have caused massive layoffs, but yet…we survive. We recover. Human beings are resilient, and during such times of stress and fear, we still move forward.  

Stock market volatility is simply said “A GIVEN”.  It’s up, its down, and even when the economy fell apart in 2008, being labelled the largest point drop in history. Guess what… it regained its strength, and created all-time highs as shares such as Apple, Amazon, Microsoft, soared to all-time highs.  


Having children home from school is definitely an adjustment.  This is an adjustment in our North American society, perhaps, but other countries have their children home with them 24 hours a day. They build a community, they home school, they do chores and serve one another, they sing together, laugh together, and face hardship together. Although it is difficult at this time, we are allowed the time to be present with our children. This is a gift! We can educate them on the importance of relationships and working together in times that we have not seen or experienced. They also can educate us as adults; remembering the innocence of laughter and not being aware of the bigger picture. They show us the beauty of a creative mind and remind us that life can be simple, even in tough times. Kids only want our time and attention, and now out of nowhere, they have it.

Sickness and death are inevitable. It is a part of life. Through sickness, we take time to reflect on what is really important in our lives. Our families, our children, and our friends. Not our money, or our power, only the true things that matter. Relationships. Death teaches us about loss. It teaches us that life is precious, it is important, and we should matter to one another. COVID-19 is reminding us all, how vulnerable we are, how easily our power can be taken, and in the moment of vulnerability, we ask…what is important. Our relationships!

Being quarantined is different. It is interesting how uncomfortable this makes everyone feel as we are not used to entertaining ourselves or having the choice to slow down. Our society has been on a wild marathon, moving at a fast pace, trying to keep up with everyone else. Forgetting during the race that we learn the most valid lessons losing the race, not necessarily winning it. Now we have this wonderful opportunity to slow down, take a breath, and perhaps self-reflect on the question, “What do I want for myself, for my family going forward”? What can I learn from this situation?  

There are many positive lessons to learn from COVID-19. What are you learning?

Not Forgetting Depression During Covid-19  

First and foremost, we are not invincible. We definitely have been living like we are invincible! In doing so, perhaps we have lost our way? Never before have we seen such a mental health crisis, not from COVID-19 but from the wild marathon of life. Our brains are mentally exhausted. Depression and anxiety have increased at a massive rate, with younger children being diagnosed more than ever before.

 “Globally, the World Health Organization reports that 264 million people of all ages suffer from depression. It is the leading cause of work disability worldwide and is a major contributor to disease”. 

This seems like a more alarming situation then COVID-19, and let’s not forget depression takes lives too. But this disease remains silent. The world does not shut off to address the world’s biggest mental health crisis. Instead, we throw money at it, continue to stigmatize it, deny it and try to live with it in silence.

Perhaps COVID-19 is a cure to the silent problem. The problem that no one wants to discuss, or better yet has the fear to discuss. COVID-19 has, in a few short months, forced the world to stop, to stand still, to focus on what is important. Family, Friends, and slowing down. COVID-19 has forced us all to be equal, as we are all vulnerable. When we allow ourselves to become vulnerable, we change. Change can equal positivity. If COVID-19 is forcing humanity to change, to slow down, to care more for others, to say please and thank you, to form gratitude, and recognize blessings, that is positivity.  

Offering Support During Covid-19

Supporting Wellness Psychological & Family Services wants to use words such as encourage, support, and create hope. We want to remind you that you are not ALONE in this, and support is available. Our highly specialized therapists can help you find ways to cope, find your resilience and be encouraged to move forward.  

At Supporting Wellness Psychological & Family Services, we want our clients to be mindful that even in this difficult time, where uncertainty is high, positivity can ABSOLUTELY exist during the COVID-19.  

If you are in need of hearing words such as encouragement, support, and hope, Supporting Wellness Psychological & Family Services in Calgary & Cold Lake is offering secure online therapy and teletherapy as a means to support the community during this time.  Change is possible when we believe it! Positivity is when we work together to create a common good.  At this time, just breath, and know this too shall pass!

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