Is Couples Counselling Worth It?

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Modern relationships are often motivated by love, companionship, and compatibility. There’s often significant pressure to find your perfect partner so that you can have the perfect relationship, and for some, a perfect family. It can be a lot of pressure. 

Here’s the truth, perfection is not real.

When you found someone you want to commit to, there will inevitably be challenges. These challenges may stem from:

  • Differences between you and your partner regarding values, relationship expectations, past experiences and triggers, physical or mental ability, culture, sexuality etc.
  • Influences from other environments and people: employment, children and extended family, other partners, cultural groups etc.
  • Significant life changes: financial stress, medical news, significant economic/social/political events etc.

While many relationship challenges are often managed naturally, marriage and couples counselling can be an excellent resource when creating and maintaining a healthy and loving relationship. Even the healthiest and deepest relationships must conquer life’s obstacles. Regardless of your ideal or current relationship, therapy can allow you to navigate a variety of challenges better. There are so many opportunities to learn about yourself and your partner, leading to a better relationship. 


How Can Couples Counselling in Calgary Help Your Relationship? 

Couples Counselling Can Help You…

  • Deepen your understanding of yourself and your partner
  • Improve communication skills
  • Build and maintain intimacy and connection
  • Rebuilding trust and empathy
  • Actively identify a problem, openly discuss, and navigate the resolution
  • Identifying and modifying dysfunctional behaviour patterns

Specifically, therapy can be beneficial for couples moving into a deepened commitment, such as marriage. It can provide a safe space to understand your partner and their expectations, discuss important issues, determine how to handle them, and gain skills that can strengthen the relationship. Parents also stand to benefit significantly from couples counselling. Couples counselling in Calgary can help them negotiate challenges stemming from parenting, evolving roles as parents, and the intersection of their roles as both parents and a couple.

Couples counselling Calgary

The Process & Setting the Expectations of Couples Counselling in Calgary 

Couples are often uncertain about what to expect when attending couples counselling in Calgary for the first time. You can expect the therapist to provide a safe environment for you and your partner to express your stories, concerns, and challenges in a productive way. Calgary psychologists have many tools to draw on to help you and your partner better navigate life while remaining true to who you are as an individual.

When attending counselling for the first time, it is beneficial to come with a clear idea of what you would like to explore or work on with your therapist. Having specific concerns, questions, or examples is a good starting point to help your therapist get you on the right track. Some good questions to ask are…

What motivated you to go for therapy? What do you love about your partner and relationship with them? What would you wish were different? What problems or triggers show up time and time again?

Now What?

At Supporting Wellness, we strive to provide you and your partner with a safe place to speak, share and reflect openly while gaining unbiased insight and perspective from a professional. Especially during a time filled with crisis and uncertainty, we want you to know that we are here. Our psychologists are passionate about providing you with the support and tools that will allow you and your partner to better tackle life as teammates. 

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Our team at Supporting Wellness Psychological & Family Services is composed of Psychologists specializing in a variety of concerns and psycho-educational assessments. We also offer EMDR and Neurofeedback for issues related to trauma and speech therapy. Your wellness is our priority. To set up an appointment, contact us today by phone at (888) 622-8350, or email us at

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