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The Benefits of Attending Regular Couples Counselling

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There is a pervasive myth that couples attending counselling together are experiencing challenges or difficulties in their relationship. While this might be the case for some, it doesn’t apply to everyone. 

Couples counselling is often associated with significant issues in a relationship like infidelity, addiction, or a breakdown in communication. While visiting a psychologist in Calgary when your relationship is in an acute crisis is very important, this doesn’t need to be the case in all circumstances.

In fact attending couples counselling in Calgary on a regular, ongoing basis can act as a preventative or protective factor for your relationship. It can help you to identify issues before they become a significant source of stress and develop into an ongoing issue that requires immediate attention.

Regardless of marital status or intention with your partner, attending couples counselling together can help you to learn more about one another, manage strong emotions, and identify potential problem areas.

How Couples Counselling In Calgary Can Benefit You 

Learn About Your Partner

Regardless of how long you’ve been in your relationship, there is always something new to learn about your partner. Like you, your partner is constantly changing and growing as an individual and this can have an impact on your relationship.

In the constant rush of our day to day lives it can be very easy to forget each other’s needs. By making regular couples counselling a normal part of your routine, you have the opportunity to connect in a safe, comfortable setting that is free from distractions.

During a counselling session you’re away from your phone, work and other commitments and can take the time to focus on your relationship. Your therapist may ask guided questions to help the conversation flow and deepen your understanding of one another.

This small investment of time can help you see your partner as a dynamic individual and bring you greater awareness of your relationship.

Identify Potential Problems

Often relationships will begin to breakdown because of a lack of communication or built up tension about issues that haven’t been addressed. Couples counselling provides you with an opportunity to identify potential problem areas in your relationship before they become significant issues. 

These can range from things like your partner’s refusal to help with laundry or other household tasks, to the way they might choose to spend their free time with friends instead of you. Couples counselling can help you to identify these areas and develop a plan to manage them.

Small things over a lengthy period of time can also add up and put stress on a relationship. While these types of everyday annoyances, like the way your partner unloads the dishwasher or leaves the lights on in the house, might seem insignificant, they can lead to resentment.

Feelings of resentment or anger that are left unchecked can easily boil over during more difficult times in your relationship and add fuel to the fire. Going to regular couples counselling in Calgary can provide you with a chance to talk about the smaller things that cause stress to you as individuals and proactively address them.

Manage Strong Emotions

Many couples struggle with managing strong emotions and effectively communicating with their partner. By attending regular couple’s counselling you give yourself a safe space to talk about your feelings and express them to your partner.

While this is beneficial to your relationship, it also helps each of you as individuals to become more self-aware of your thoughts, perceptions and unhelpful thinking patterns. Working with a psychologist in Calgary, you and your partner can identify areas that cause strong emotional reactions.

Once these are identified, your therapist may help you develop a different approach to handling your feelings. This could be learning to use deep breathing and mindfulness to manage anger, or strategies to change your thinking patterns that will lead to calm instead of an emotional outburst.

By attending regular couples counselling in Calgary, you and your partner can work together to strengthen your relationship and prevent significant issues before they develop. The benefits of working with a therapist go beyond your relationship and can have a positive impact on each of you as individuals. Together you can learn more about one another, identify potential issues and manage your emotions and communication style in a supportive environment, free from distractions.

All relationships evolve over time and couples counselling can help you navigate through these changes feeling empowered and stronger as a couple.

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