Is Couples Counselling Worth It?

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Modern relationships are often motivated by love, companionship, and compatibility. There’s often significant pressure to find your perfect partner so that you can have the perfect relationship, and for some, a perfect family. It can be a lot of pressure.  Here’s the truth, perfection is not real. When you found someone you want to commit to, there will inevitably be challenges. These challenges may stem from: Differences between you and your partner regarding values, relationship expectations, past experiences and triggers, physical or mental ability, culture, sexuality etc. Influences from other environments and people: employment, children and extended family, other partners, cultural groups etc. Significant life changes: financial stress, medical news, significant economic/social/political events etc. While many relationship challenges are often managed naturally, marriage and couples counselling can be an excellent resource when creating and maintaining a healthy and loving relationship. Even the healthiest and deepest relationships must conquer life’s obstacles. Regardless of your ideal or current relationship, therapy can allow …


The Benefits of Couples Counselling Earlier in The Relationship

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Relationships are an essential part of being human. The people we choose to share our lives with foster the opportunity to continue exploring and understanding the world and ourselves in new ways, as well as expand our support system and coping. While there are inevitable excitement and pleasure to be found in selecting a romantic partner, it also exposes us to opportunities to feel a wide range of emotions.  In any relationship, romantic or not, there will be instances where there is conflict, miscommunication, misaligned values or desires, all of which can be challenging for couples. Significant challenges likely feel more visible, but smaller problems often go undetected or unaddressed, especially early on in a relationship. A beautiful aspect of couples counselling is that it allows the couple to reflect on their relationship while gaining meaningful tools and insights that can improve their relationship.  How Couples Counselling Can Help Think about the examples you have seen of couples in therapy …