How To Handle Conflict In The Workplace

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Conflict is an inevitable part of life and business. This discussion will explore the concept of and types of workplace conflict, as well as strategies that can be used to help reduce the associated stress and hopefully achieve productive outcomes. Managing Conflict in the Workplace Calgary psychologists will tell you conflict can be healthy when there is a challenge to push past boundaries and expand our ways of thinking and navigating work. Diversity in the workplace is an extremely powerful tool as it can lead to greater creativity and innovation, expanded ways of thinking about others, and meaningful organizational change. Imagine if we all thought the same, there would be so much less creativity and innovation in our work.  The problem with conflict is the emotional reaction that is elicited. When we feel emotionally triggered, stressed, and passionate, it can be difficult to behave in constructive and productive ways that align with our best intentions. This emotional stress can lead …


The Benefits of Couples Counselling Earlier in The Relationship

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Relationships are an essential part of being human. The people we choose to share our lives with foster the opportunity to continue exploring and understanding the world and ourselves in new ways, as well as expand our support system and coping. While there are inevitable excitement and pleasure to be found in selecting a romantic partner, it also exposes us to opportunities to feel a wide range of emotions.  In any relationship, romantic or not, there will be instances where there is conflict, miscommunication, misaligned values or desires, all of which can be challenging for couples. Significant challenges likely feel more visible, but smaller problems often go undetected or unaddressed, especially early on in a relationship. A beautiful aspect of couples counselling is that it allows the couple to reflect on their relationship while gaining meaningful tools and insights that can improve their relationship.  How Couples Counselling Can Help Think about the examples you have seen of couples in therapy …

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Use Cognitive Behavioral Therapy to Challenge Distressing Thoughts

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Finding time to take care of yourself can be a challenge, but it’s vitally important if you want to be able to keep up with the daily demands of life. Psychologists can provide the support and guidance you need in order to thrive both now and in the future. One of the tools psychologists in Calgary use to help clients overcome unwanted, distressing or difficult thoughts and their associated emotions is called Cognitive Behavioral Therapy or CBT. This therapeutic approach is supported by decades of research that demonstrate its ability to help you understand your thoughts and change your reactions to them. By engaging in CBT, you and your psychologist work together to identify specific unwanted or challenging thoughts, and then develop strategies to manage them effectively. The Steps To Successfully Utilizing Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Understand Cognitive Distortions Psychologists use CBT to identify what are called cognitive distortions that impact your thoughts, attitudes and beliefs. These can be the things …