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Take Your Relationship from Good to Great with Couples Counselling

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It can be easy to dismiss any need for couples counselling when your relationship is going well. Some might even say, “If it isn’t broken, don’t try and fix it.” While this wisdom may ring true for some, there is no reason to wait for something to be wrong in your relationship before you experience the benefits of regular couples counselling in Calgary.

Good relationships take commitment from both partners and an equal investment of time and energy. By attending couples therapy when there isn’t a significant issue to be addressed, you can reap the benefits of working with a Psychologist or Clinical Marriage and Family Therapist without added emotional strain.

Regular couples counselling can take your relationship from good to great by enhancing communication, improving your sex life and developing a deeper appreciation for your partner.

How Couples Counselling Can Improve Your Relationship 

Great Relationships Need Strong Communication

The key to a great relationship is strong communication between partners. Without open and honest dialogue the likelihood of bigger issues developing down the road only increases.

In a world where we’re continually distracted, regular couples counselling can offer you and your partner some respite from the constant noise and activity of daily life. Your counselling sessions can give you a safe space to turn off your cell phone, step away from your email and focus exclusively on your partner.

In working with a therapist you can identify areas where you may need some extra support to work through a problem that has the potential to turn into something bigger. A great example is social media and the expectations of one another’s time spent on platforms like Facebook and Instagram, and also who you’re keeping on your friends list.

Are there former partners that continue to be part of your life because of social media, and their presence causes resentment or jealousy? By identifying these “small” issues before they become bigger, you can proactively keep your relationship on the right track.

Sex and Intimacy Benefit From Honest Conversation

Sex and intimacy are an integral part of any partnership and can benefit from regular couples counselling. An important part of intimacy between you and your partner is trust, and this can only be built through honest conversation. 

Regardless of how good your sex life may be, there is always opportunity to discuss with your partner your needs and expectations. This may include having challenging conversations about your past experience and how you view sex as part of your relationship.

When your intimate relationship is healthy it can be immensely satisfying for both you and your partner. However, because of the deeply personal nature of many of people’s previous experiences, sex can trigger feelings of shame, regret and embarrassment.

By attending couples counselling in Calgary you can have an open and honest conversation about what it working well and areas where you might want to pay more attention. A Psychologist or Clinical Marriage and Family Therapist can work with you to help identify activities that can bring you and your partner closer outside of the bedroom. This kind of investment in your relationship can lead to a deeper, more satisfying sex life for both of you.

Appreciation For Your Partner Can Rekindle Romance

The longer you’re in a relationship the more you learn about one another. This can sometimes lead to feeling like you already know everything there is to know about your partner. Your relationship can turn from feeling like a new discovery or adventure into just a regular part of your routine.

Couples counselling in Calgary can help you to rediscover your partner and encourage you to start asking deeper questions about what makes them unique. This can be a great opportunity to talk about future plans and bigger life goals. It might include conversation about marriage, children and career ambitions. It could also be the chance to learn more about your partner’s previous life experiences that have shaped them into the person they are today.

By working with a therapist you will learn more about your partner that can deepen your appreciation for them. Understanding what makes them special, and even what attracted you to them in the first place provides you with a solid foundation for moving forward in your relationship.

Great relationships don’t just happen overnight. Instead they require an ongoing and sustained commitment from both partners in order to flourish. By attending regular couples counselling in Calgary, you can take your relationship from good to great and both you and your partner will benefit from better communication, deeper intimacy and renewed appreciation for one another.

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