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Using Your Best Voice

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Using Your Best Voice By Anna Kommes Your voice is one of your main ways of connecting to those around you.  It’s a powerful tool that you use throughout your life, with many different people in many different places. The human voice can convey up to 24 different emotions (1) and may reveal more information about emotions compared with facial expressions (2). You may not think very much about your own vocal health since we can take our ability to use our voice the way we want to for granted.  It may not be until you deal with laryngitis (3), muscle tension dysphonia (4) or polyps, nodules, or cysts on the vocal cords (or vocal folds) (5) that you realize how much your ability to use your best voice affects your life.  Here are some things you can think about to maintain your best voice. Change the alignment of your body. In today’s world, we tend to use a forward …