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Mindfulness Meditation & Emotional Elevation

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Meditation is a state of consciousness in which you are bringing your attention to only one thing. Typically, this mindfulness comes from taking deep breaths, removing distractions, and being present. So often I hear “I need to start meditating, but I’m not good at it”.   When we think of meditation, we tend to visualize someone sitting cross-legged, palms facing the sky, with their eyes closed.   Have you ever been out in nature, stopped to take in your surroundings and thought, wow, this is so peaceful? Have you ever been so into a song that you sing every lyric and feel every word? Or have you sat at home with your pet, reading your favorite book, basking in each other’s company? If you have done one of these things, you have successfully meditated! Remember, meditation is a state of being and can be altered to whatever works best for you. These are not the only examples of alternative meditation. Others include:  …

Dealing With Your Shame Through Therapy

Dealing With Your Shame

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Whenever my clients discover that I was previously a family physician before becoming a therapist, they would always ask why I switched careers. The answer is typically complicated, but I usually simplify it by saying that I am drawn to human connection. I have a deep curiosity for it. There is so much research to show that we are wired for it. Several psychological theories and recent research have shown that not only are we wired for connection, but it also affects our health. Being and feeling connected have been shown to have positive effects on our blood sugar levels, cancer recovery, cardiovascular challenges, depressive symptoms, and overall mental health. On the other hand, Isolation has been shown to worsen the symptoms of depression and increase anxiety. As a therapist, I typically encourage my clients to increase their social connections as it is a proven way to improve our mental health. Given that the benefits of connection are apparent, why …

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Using Your Best Voice

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Using Your Best Voice By Anna Kommes Your voice is one of your main ways of connecting to those around you.  It’s a powerful tool that you use throughout your life, with many different people in many different places. The human voice can convey up to 24 different emotions (1) and may reveal more information about emotions compared with facial expressions (2). You may not think very much about your own vocal health since we can take our ability to use our voice the way we want to for granted.  It may not be until you deal with laryngitis (3), muscle tension dysphonia (4) or polyps, nodules, or cysts on the vocal cords (or vocal folds) (5) that you realize how much your ability to use your best voice affects your life.  Here are some things you can think about to maintain your best voice. Change the alignment of your body. In today’s world, we tend to use a forward …

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How To Deal With Difficult People – According To Your Calgary Psychologist

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Everyone deals with difficult people. Whether it’s at home, at work, or even within a friend group, it can always be challenging to handle these types of people, as they place a strain on your relationship and in the surrounding environment.  They may make social situations tense by criticizing or making fun of others openly or passive-aggressively. Or they might explode emotionally and have volatile mood swings. Others might be overtly aggressive, forcing you to walk on eggshells around them. However, there are ways to cope with these individuals. With the help of your psychologist in Calgary, here is how you can gain control of interactions, reduce tension and protect yourself.  Make Self-Care a First Priority Regardless of how the other person might be feeling, your psychologist in Calgary will always recommend that you put your mental and emotional safety first. If you are struggling with interacting with difficult people, and they are making your life worse, then it is …