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How To Deal With Difficult People – According To Your Calgary Psychologist

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Everyone deals with difficult people. Whether it’s at home, at work, or even within a friend group, it can always be challenging to handle these types of people, as they place a strain on your relationship and in the surrounding environment. 

They may make social situations tense by criticizing or making fun of others openly or passive-aggressively. Or they might explode emotionally and have volatile mood swings. Others might be overtly aggressive, forcing you to walk on eggshells around them.

However, there are ways to cope with these individuals. With the help of your psychologist in Calgary, here is how you can gain control of interactions, reduce tension and protect yourself. 

Make Self-Care a First Priority

Regardless of how the other person might be feeling, your psychologist in Calgary will always recommend that you put your mental and emotional safety first. If you are struggling with interacting with difficult people, and they are making your life worse, then it is time to establish boundaries. 

By creating boundaries with difficult people you see daily, or those that you don’t want to cut out of your life entirely, you are providing yourself with some needed breathing room. Be respectful, but also keep your distance. It will help you re-adjust and cope when they are not around. 

Flex Your Empathy 

Most difficult people are the way they are because of circumstances. Unless you know what they have been through in their life or what they are struggling with right now, it can be challenging to establish a connection. They could be undergoing marriage counselling in Calgary or struggling to deal with a horrible moment in their life 

By providing an empathetic ear and lending support to the individual, they might let their guard down and feel more comfortable in your zone. They can reduce the surrounding tension and be willing to communicate you with openly. If you struggle with showing empathy, a psychologist in Calgary can help you with steps and tips so you can be more open. 


Don’t Take Things On A Personal Level

This is probably the hardest thing that comes with dealing with difficult people: not taking the things they’ve said or done on a personal level. You have to understand that it’s probably not about you. Someone else could be making their lives difficult, or something else could be putting unnecessary pressure on them. They don’t have the right coping mechanisms, so they act aggressively towards you. 

Once you and your psychologist in Calgary recognize that it is not your fault, it can be transformative in the way you deal with them. You will understand that it has nothing to do with you and your actions play a smaller role than expected. 

Recognize The Difficulties That You Might Cause 

No one is perfect. People make mistakes, and sometimes they don’t even know it. Their attitudes, approaches and words don’t mean the way they are intended to be, and that can cause grief for others. With this concept, you have to consider that you might potentially be the reason the person is difficult. 

You have to take a step back and consider some inner reflection if you are the reason for the conflict. Ask yourself if there’s anything you could be doing that’s contributing to the unsavoury situation and if this person acts this way with everyone or just with you. Speaking openly with your psychologist in Calgary, or undertaking individual or group therapy can help you discover if there is something you’re doing that is causing the strain. 

Whether it’s family, friends or co-workers, it can be complicated dealing with difficult individuals. It can harm your mental, emotional and physical health. But as we have shown, there are ways to go about it. If you are struggling and need support, visit a psychologist in Calgary today. 

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