Group Therapy

Group Therapy


What is Group Therapy?

We all know there is strength in numbers. Oftentimes, people are intimidated by one-on-one individual therapy sessions, or they benefit more from the input, support, and motivation of others in a group therapy setting. Simply put, group therapy involves one or more therapists working with a number of people at once. In a group setting, participants are more likely to feel a sense of belonging and inclusion; they will benefit from one another’s strengths and learn from each other’s weaknesses. Group therapy also provides an opportunity to practice and develop social skills, interact with a new group of people, receive powerful feedback from the therapist, unite in a common goal, relieve stress by sharing experiences, and develop an understanding of individual responsibility and accountability within the group as a whole. While some people may choose to attend group therapy on their own, it is often integrated into a comprehensive treatment plan set out by a psychologist; at Supporting wellness, we can help you decide if group therapy is right for you.

Upcoming Group Therapy

Social Skills Group

  • Perspective Taking
  • Thinking Thoughts and
    Feeling Feelings
  • Expected and Unexpected
    Social Behaviours
  • Thinking With Our Eyes
  • Whole Body Listening
  • Flexible Thinking
  • Empathy
  • Socially Appropriate Game Play
  • Conversation Skills
  • Emotional Regulation


Ongoing Registration

Social Skills groups run 5:30-7pm

one Thursday a month

for 10 month duration

$100 per session x 10 sessions



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Group Therapy Sessions

Group therapy is proven to be an effective form of treatment for depression, PTSD, panic disorder, bipolar disorder, obsessive-compulsive disorder, social phobias, and substance abuse. If you’re struggling with one of these issues, group therapy may be the tool you need to help get your life back on track. Join the safe haven at Supporting Wellness where you’ll have access to several registered psychologists and certified therapists. We believe in fostering positive relationships with each of our clients, even in a group setting, so that you can have access to the proper support, guidance, and counselling for whatever concerns you may have. Supporting Wellness Psychological & Family Services allows individuals to receive help for any psychological issue. We believe that change is possible, and we want our clients to know it as well. Together, we can open the door to a new chapter of wellness, happiness, and stability.

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