Mindfulness Meditation & Emotional Elevation

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A Relaxing Place To Meditate


Meditation is a state of consciousness in which you are bringing your attention to only one thing. Typically, this mindfulness comes from taking deep breaths, removing distractions, and being present. So often I hear “I need to start meditating, but I’m not good at it”.  

When we think of meditation, we tend to visualize someone sitting cross-legged, palms facing the sky, with their eyes closed.  

Have you ever been out in nature, stopped to take in your surroundings and thought, wow, this is so peaceful? Have you ever been so into a song that you sing every lyric and feel every word? Or have you sat at home with your pet, reading your favorite book, basking in each other’s company? If you have done one of these things, you have successfully meditated! Remember, meditation is a state of being and can be altered to whatever works best for you. These are not the only examples of alternative meditation. Others include: 

  • Dancing  
  • Having a bath 
  • Writing/Journaling 
  • Praying 
  • Hiking 
  • Stargazing
  • Yoga
  • Exercise

When we are fully present in a meditative state, we gain access to our brain’s full potential. This allows us to improve our emotional well-being and, can do a lot more. With dedication, practice, and the right tools, we can do amazing things to heal ourselves and change our lives for the better.  

meditation and your body

The right image is of the energy field of someone who has not meditated, while the left image is of someone who has.  

Dr. Joe Dispenza is a Neuroscientist and Doctor of Chiropractic, who devoted his career to studying how thought alone can alter the physiology of the human body. One of his world-renowned books “Becoming Supernatural” outlines the principles and practices in meditation that can improve health, mood, finances, and relationships. In his book, he discusses some of his findings through many of his workshops, using data that proves we can control our brain waves, increase enzymes to boost our immune system, heal from cancer, and create positive realities for ourselves.  

Dr. Dispenza and his team performed a study in Tacoma on the effect elevated emotions had on immune functions. They asked the participants of a 4-day workshop to move into an elevated emotional state such as love, joy, or gratitude for 9-10 minutes, 3 times per day. Prior to this study, a saliva sample was taken from each participant, measuring the amount of Immunoglobulin A (IgA). IgA is a chemical responsible for healthy immune and the internal defense system that will fluctuate depending on the amount of stress hormones (such as cortisol) in the blood. When stress levels go up, IgA levels are compromised, downregulating the immune system. A saliva sample was taken after the 4-day workshop was completed and compared.  

Over the period of 4 days, moving into an elevated emotional state for approximately 27 minutes per day, studies showed a 49.5% increase in Immunoglobin A levels. It also showed a 16.25% decrease in cortisol levels. (Pg 42 & 43 of Dr. J Dispenza, Becoming Supernatural) 

How incredible! By changing our energy and elevating our emotional state, we can physiologically upgrade our immune system. At the same time, we can decrease the production of stress hormones, thus creating more balance and harmony in the body, mind, and spirit all at the same time.  

Are you up for a challenge? Try this at home! Whether it be for health purposes, improving your emotional state, or advancing your wellbeing, track how you feel (emotionally, physically, mentally, spiritually) before and after a 10-day period. Consciously move into a state of joy, love, and gratitude for 9 minutes, 3 times a day. Be mindful of what puts you in this meditative state. Notice any changes and improvements and find out if meditation is something that you would like to make a daily ritual!

If anxiety or stress prevents you from meditating, you can always meet with one of our therapists who specialize in anxiety.