Healthy Relationships being Formed

How To Awaken Your Innate Ability To Connect And Maintain Healthy Relationships

Kate KolskogRelationship Therapy

By Rocio Maria Toledo, MC R.Psych As human beings, we are social creatures. Not only does connection give us a sense of aliveness, but we are biologically wired to connect. Next time you are sitting in front of a person you sympathise with, listening to what they have to say, check both of your body postures and facial expressions, they will probably look incredibly similar. This is your biology naturally connecting without you even trying. We are born ready to securely attach to our main caregivers, to love them and be loved. As a species, we thrive in cooperation with others, regardless of how independent you might be or how much you might appreciate your alone time.  Given that we are inherently social beings, relationships are an important part of our life. Maintaining healthy relationships can be difficult. They take effort, intention, time, self-awareness and so much more.  Have you ever been in a relationship with someone you deeply cared …